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  2. [AF] Afrikaans

  3. [CS] Tchek

  4. [DA] Danish

  5. [EL] Greek

  6. [FA] Persian

  7. [FI] Finnish

  8. [HI] Hindi *

  9. [ID] Indonesian **

  10. [NL] Dutch

  11. [NO] Norwegian

  12. [TH] Thai

  13. [TR] Turkish

  14. [UK] Ukrainian

  15. [VI] Vietnamese

  16.        ...

* = +  [BN] Bengali,

       [MR] Marathi,

       [TA] Tamil, and

       [TE] Teluguu

** = + [JW] Javanese, and

       [MS] Malay


Please help with translations!

Veuillez nous aider avec les traductions!

¡Por favor ayuda con la traducción!

Helfen Sie bitte mit Übersetzungen!

Por favor ajuda na tradução!

Per favore aiutateci con la traduzione!



  1. Complete websites for the Foundation exist for now in two languages: English and French.

  2. Partial site versions exist in Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian.

  3. A short text exists in Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Polish and we are working on adding Arabic, Korean, Hebrew and Swedish.

All those above represent the most used languages on the Internet in addition to Hebrew, Swedish and Russian. We would like to reach out and add short texts in all languages! If you can volunteer translations in the languages appearing in the column to the left, or if you can upgrade an existing short text to a partial site, or even a partial site to a complete version, we’ll be happy to hear from you!

email @ i-WATER.org

Can you

Translation Page /

Page de traduction :

The languages of this site have been selected to address the top 10 languages used in the Internet - that is 83% of world users (updated December 2009 by Internet World Stats). In addition, volunteers have submitted translations in other languages:

1.  English:    i-WATER.org             

2.  Chinese:    i-SHUI.org              

3.  Spanish:    i-AGUA.org              

4.  Japanese:   i-MIZU.info             

5.  Portuguese: i-AGUA-pt.org          

6.  German:     i-WASSER.org

7.  Arabic:     i-LME.org

8.  French:     i-EAU.org

9.  Russian:    i-VODA.org

10. Korean:     i-MUL.org

‣   Sweedish:   i-VATTEN.org            

‣   Italian:    i-ACQUA.org

‣   Polish:     i-WODA.org              

‣   Hebrew:     i-MAYIM.org

Soon – Bientôt :

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